Smart Feed by Mobio
New AI based generation of automated API Feeds
Using advanced data-based algorithms we deliver both, for our advertisers and publishers, with smarter campaign-traffic matching, which results in optimised performance indicators.

What started as an internal solution for our in-house media buying teams (which already include over 35 media buyers, and is the biggest in-house performance-based MB team in Europe) is now available as the perfect monetization solution for our partners!
100% fill-rate for most GEOs
Unique and exclusive demand for RU market
eCPC oriented optimization mechanism
Internal media-buy team of over 30 buyers that operate on various DSPs & exchange platforms
SmartFeed technology — for levereging most available traffic sources and maximizing performance
Fully automated campaigns pull — allows simple and effective control of budgeting and traffic distribution
SmartClick technology — levereging back-end optimization protocols for better traffic utilization and distribution (available only on demand)
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